Shop Like A Cleaning Pro

January 25, 2018

Shop Like A Cleaning Pro

Ever wonder what the experts buy at Bed Bath & Beyond? We asked certified cleaning technician Donna Smallin Kuper, author of Clear the Clutter, Find Happiness, to share her shopping list. Add these tools and formulas to your arsenal for a faster, more thorough routine.

Bathroom cleaning:

Better Life Naturally Bathroom Brightening Tub & Tile Cleaner

This is one of the best tub and tile cleaners I’ve ever tried because it gets the job done fast. Just spray it on, give it a wipe, then rinse. It cuts through soap scum without chemicals or fumes. And it leaves your tub and shower noticeably cleaner and brighter.

Tubshroom ™ Hair Catcher

This is one of the best inventions for preventing drain clogs. Simply replace the drain stopper in your shower with this silicone insert that stops hair from going down the pipe. Remove the “shroom” periodically to clean out the hair with a tissue (it’s easiest when dry.)

Oxo Good Grips® Tub and Tile Brush

This is a tool that I had wished someone would come up with–and then Oxo did. The swiveling head is designed to go where other brushes can’t, and the extendable pole means less backbreaking work. Plus you can clean your tub or shower without having to get in it.


General cleaning:

Oxo Good Grips® Microfiber Extendable Duster

With this extendable duster, you don’t have to get out a stepladder to clean ceiling fans or the tops of bookcases. The head adjusts to a 90-degree angle or you can keep it aligned with the extendable pole to clean ceiling corners and crown moldings. When you’re done, just remove the microfiber duster head and toss it in the wash.

Schroeder-Tremayne The Original™ Microfiber 10-Pack Cleaning Cloths

You can clean just about anything with a microfiber cloth and water. Microfiber effortlessly removes dust, dirt, grease, and even germs from any hard surface—mirrors, countertops and more. Do what cleaning pros do: Use cloths in different colors for kitchen and bathroom cleaning and a cloth in a third color for dusting and general cleaning. Get two packs so you always have plenty on hand. Note: Machine-wash these in hot water with a little detergent and dry (without fabric softener) on the delicate cycle or air dry.

Casabella® Dustpan Brush Set

A dust brush comes in handy for lots of cleaning chores, from sweeping debris off of sliding glass door tracks to brushing dust from window screens. I like that this sets clips together for easy storage.

Floor cleaning:

Reliable Steamboy Steam Floor Mop

Once you try this mop, you won’t want to ever use anything else to clean your floors. Just fill the water reservoir, plug it in, and 30 seconds later, it’s ready to use. The swiveling microfiber mophead gets into tight spaces, like the base of your toilet, and leaves zero residue behind, even on tile floors. But the real beauty of this mop is that you can clean and sanitize your floors without any harmful chemicals.

Barkeeper’s Friend® Cookware Cleaner

Got stainless steel pots? You need this non-abrasive cleaner. It makes pots and pans look new again, helps your stainless steel kitchen sink shine, and removes rust, hard water stains and lime scale from tubs and toilets.

simplehuman® Brushed Stainless Steel Fingerprint-Proof 40-Liter Butterfly Recycler Trash Can

I bought this can because I wanted an easy way to separate and remove kitchen trash and recycling. The slim design is a perfect fit in my small kitchen, and, as the head chef in my home, I love the hands-free operation. I never thought I could love a trash can this much.

–Betsy Goldberg




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