6 Pet Products Bed Bath & Beyond Staffers Swear By

February 15, 2018

6 Pet Products Bed Bath & Beyond Staffers Swear By

From a clever cat litter solution to the comfiest car seat covers, these are the pet products our staffers consider “best in show.”

Neater Feeder® Cranberry Mess-Proof Pet Bowl

“My cat likes to splash the water out of his bowl with his paws (don’t ask!). The raised barriers around these bowls and the catchall filter beneath keep my walls and floors from getting soaked.” –Beth Grossfield, senior manager, Bed Bath & Beyond

Pawslife® Quilted Pet Hammock Car Seat Cover

“I could not live without the Pawslife hammock Car Seat Cover. It keeps my two Shar-Pei dogs, George and Bell, them comfortable and contained—and keeps our car seats fur-free.” –Mary Hanna, marketing manager, Bed Bath & Beyond

Wobble Wag Giggle™ Ball Dog Toy

“The Wobble Wag ball toy makes all these silly sounds, and my dog loves to stick his nose in the holes to make it roll.” –Jennifer Evans, director of marketing, Bed Bath & Beyond

Pet Wedge® Hair Remover

“I love how the Pet Wedge gets rid of stubborn, bristly hair on car seats and furniture upholstery. It’s reusable and durable, it squeezes into tiny corners, and it costs only $6.” –Brianna Epstein, digital marketing, Bed Bath & Beyond

Litter Genie™ Plus Cat Litter Disposal System

“We needed an easy way to get rid of dirty cat litter without smelling up the house. Now we just scoop out the used clumps, dump them directly into the odor-controlled system and toss the bag every two weeks. Makes life so much easier.” –Sheryl Dubitsky, brand manager, Bed Bath & Beyond

True Touch™ Grooming Gloves

“My puppy sheds a lot, so I bought these grooming gloves—when I pet her, they remove excess fur that would have ended up on my floor. I spend less time cleaning and more time playing with my pup.” –Alyssa Byrne, buyer, Bed Bath & Beyond

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