Fast Fixes for 5 Household Dirt Magnets

February 26, 2018

Fast Fixes for 5 Household Dirt Magnets

De-grime in no time with these quick and easy how-tos.

Dirt magnet:  Entryway floor

Go-to tool: Bona® Hardwood Floor Spray Mop

Two minutes is all you need to keep this spot clean. “Instead of letting dirt build up until the weekend (when you hope you’ll get to it), do a quick wash with a portable spray mop every so often. That makes it pretty painless,” says cleaning expert Becky Rapinchuk of Clean Mama. This lightweight one by Bona® has a larger base that covers more square footage faster, plus a reusable microfiber cleaning cloth and a retractable hook on the handle. “Hang it on the inside of your coat closet door so it’s ready when you need it.”


Dirt magnet: Bathroom mirror

Go-to tool: Better Life® I can See Clearly, WOW™ Glass Cleaner

Doing your hair and makeup in a spotless mirror is kind of life-changing (wow—you can actually see what you’re doing!). Unlike some cleaners that contain toxic chemicals, which can irritate your airways, this one is 100 percent plant-based, never tested on animals and made with recyclable materials. Spray it on a microfiber cloth and wipe the mirror in a tight S-pattern to avoid leaving streaks.


Dirt magnet: Ceiling fans and bookshelves

Go-to tool: OXO Good Grips® Long Reach Dusting System in White/Red

You may not notice the cobwebs and dust building up, but when you finally do, ick.  How do you clean high places without turning it into a big production? “All you need is a duster with a really long handle and a flexible head that moves in every direction,” says Rapinchuk. This one reaches up to eight feet (great for tall ceilings) and comes with three different-shaped microfiber heads that pivot and lock in place.


Dirt magnet: Couch cushions

Go-to tool: Dyson V6 Top Dog Handheld Trigger Vacuum in Yellow/Iron

De-crumbing the couch is 10 minutes well spent—it feels good to have a sitting area free of debris and lint (you can finally have guests over!). This powerful, portable Dyson vacuum is your no-fail fix. “There’s no cord, so it’s ready to grab and go, and it sucks up every bit of dust and stuck-on cereal,” says Rapinchuk.  Also comes with an attachment to reach tight crevices and a battery charger.


Dirt magnet: Toilet

Go-to tool: The Hard Water Wand

You scrub (and scrub!), but the hard water stains won’t budge. The simple solution? A popular pedicure tool: the pumice stone. “Choose a handled version, and just scrub—no cleanser necessary,” says Rapinchuk. “You might think it would scratch the surface, but it doesn’t. It scrapes the stains right off.”


— Katelyn Soults

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