The One Travel Product That Makes Packing Basically Zero Work

March 10, 2018

The One Travel Product That Makes Packing Basically Zero Work

Pack faster, easier and way neater with this clever accessory.

For lots of us, packing is a process: Pack stuff, unpack, repack several times—and then ultimately toss clothing at random into a suitcase, hoping you’ll be able to make it work and knowing you’ve probably forgotten something crucial, like socks.

But here’s an easy fix: three Latitude 40°N® Packing Cubes. They’re lightweight compartments that give your big black hole of a suitcase an orderly, structured setup. (They also compress your clothes, so you can fit more.) Need a little guidance? We asked pro organizer (and self-professed Packing Cubes fan) Erin Doland for her favorite ways to use them.

Compartmentalize Clean Clothing

“Use one cube for pants; one for shirts; one for dressy attire; one for night clothes; and another for toiletries,” says Doland. “Separating by category is the easiest way to get organized.” Set aside one large cube for dirty clothes during the trip, to keep them away from your clean stuff.

Organize by Outfit

If you’re stopping at a location before reaching your final destination, this method will work great for you, says Doland. “Devote a cube to every outfit (including accessories) so everything will be together when you need it. For that last stop, leave your large piece of luggage in the car trunk and bring a smaller bag with only the cube that holds what you want to put on in the morning.”

Save a Cube for Shoes

You don’t need the dirty bottoms of your booties messing up your clean clothes. Keep shoes in one large cube and fill any empty space with socks or jewelry, suggests Doland.

Create a Toiletry Kit

Put all of your bathroom essentials in one single cube, and keep it stocked even when you’re not traveling. The next time you’re jetting off, all you have to do is toss it in your bag.

Pack a Backup Plan

Nobody wants to think about losing their luggage, but it does happen occasionally—so here’s how to make sure you’re covered: Pack a cube with all your essentials—toothbrush, change of clothes, any medications you need—and put it in your carry-on. This way, you’ll be able to survive without your luggage, at least for an extra day or two.

–Dana Eisenberg

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