Little Life-Changer: Reheatza® Microwave Crisper

April 10, 2018

Little Life-Changer: Reheatza® Microwave Crisper

Say goodbye to soggy reheated pizza.

There’s nothing like fresh, piping hot pizza. Microwaved leftover pizza, not so much. At best, your pizza is soggy. At worst, it’s soggy, plus you get third-degree burns on the inside of your mouth. This has always been the challenge- until now. World, meet the Reheatza® Microwave Crisper, the little life-changer we can’t get enough of.

Made of PFDA-free ceramic and carbon steel, the Reheatza® is a microwave miracle worker when it comes to crisping up leftover pizza.  How? The Reheatza® converts the energy from your microwave into conductive heat (up to 400° F), which browns your food as though it was freshly made in your oven or frying pan. Bonus: You can also heat up chicken nuggets, french fries, sandwiches and more.

It fits in most microwaves and is nonstick for easy cleaning—plus, it comes with a lid so your food will be safe from microwave energy, and you won’t get cheese splatter everywhere.

Shop the Reheatza®, and change the way you eat frozen pizza forever.

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