Adulting 101: Seven Life Skills You Need to Call Yourself a Grown-Up

May 26, 2018

Adulting 101: Seven Life Skills You Need to Call Yourself a Grown-Up

If you find yourself reading this, then at least according to your birth certificate, you’re probably an adult. But, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you’re suddenly magically equipped to do grown-up things, like your taxes (we were disappointed too). Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Master these, and, on paper at least, you’ll be able to say you’re an adult human being.


Roast a Chicken

A really good roast chicken is the key to pretty much all dinners. It works great as a casual weeknight dinner and can serve as the protein for a week’s worth of lunches—not to mention nobody is disappointed when you serve it at a party. Find a recipe and learn it. This should be one of those things you can cook from memory. And invest in a chicken rack. It will help you cook your bird more evenly and has space for a beer can for added flavor.


Wrap a Gift

There are two kinds of grown-ups in this world: those who know how to wrap gifts and those who don’t. If you fall into the latter category, you may feel hopeless. But it’s not as bad as you think. Here’s how to do it in nine easy steps.


Pack a Suitcase

Crumpling your clothes into a ball and squishing it into your bag isn’t going to do it anymore, especially if you’re someone who travels for business or if you have an important event. Packing a suitcase efficiently will allow you to pack even more, plus it will make your life a whole lot easier once you get there. One way to make it pretty much no work? Get some packing cubes.

Show Up on Time

In the real world, rolling in five minutes late to apppointments isn’t going to slide. Keeping a calendar is an absolute necessity. A virtual assistant like the Amazon Echo makes it super easy and can remind you where and when you need to be places—and so much more.


Practice Self-Care

Being a grown-up means having a lot on your plate, and sometimes you’re going to need to unwind. Learn how to do that by practicing self-care. That might mean reading a book, taking a bath or practicing aromatherapy. We like this diffuser from HoMedics®.


Sew a Button

Losing a button or two every now and then doesn’t have to mean frequent trips to the dry cleaner. Get a sewing kit, and learn how to replace buttons or fix a hem quickly.


Cook Eggs

Learn to scramble, fry, boil and poach eggs. There’s a science to it, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to cook like any brunch chef. To make it easier, get an egg poacher. It basically does the work for you.

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