Crash Course: Choose a Rug

May 02, 2018

Crash Course: Choose a Rug

There are lots of reasons to get a rug—it helps soundproof your space, provides heat insulation and is easier to clean than carpet. Of course, rugs can also give your room style, life and, if you do it right, they’re just plain fun.

But picking the ideal rug for your room can be daunting. Our rug expert, Jillian, shares her tips to help you make the right choice. First, ask yourself, “Where is the rug going to be placed?” From there you can determine what’s best for the room.


Living Room

“For living rooms, the most important things to consider are size and durability,” she says. “You want at least an 8’ x 10’ if not a 9’ x 12’ rug for a living room to make the space feel larger.” If the 9’ x 12’ rug you love is costly, Jillian suggests, “going for an inexpensive, durable natural fiber in a 9’ x 12’ size and layering a small decorative rug over it.” Natural fibers, like jute and wool, are great for high-traffic areas because they’re durable as well as stain- and fade-resistant. They generally come in neutral colors and go with everything too, says Jillian.



“In the bedroom, you want softness and beauty,” Jillian says, “so look for a rug that’s supersoft synthetic with polyester, a shag or a higher-end hand-knotted rug.” Not sure what size rug is right for your space? It depends on the size of your bed and where it’s situated, says Jillian: “You may need an 8’ x 10’ rug under a king- or queen-size bed, two 4’ x 6’ rugs on either side of a king- or queen-size bed, or a 5’ x 8’ rug under a twin bed.” If your bed is up against a wall, consider putting a runner next to the bed.


Dining Room/Kitchen

For rugs under dining tables, Jillian says to “use a jute rug for the natural farmhouse look, or a rug with a busy colorful pattern that can hide inevitable spills.”



For high foot-traffic areas in your home, Jillian says, “Look for hard-wearing rugs, like wool or polypropylene, and don’t forget the rug pad or rug tape so there are no slips. Flat weaves and dhurries with a low profile are also good for entryways that may have a low door clearance.”


Shop our collection of rugs online and in select stores. For more information on how to shop for a rug, check out our buying guide.

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