Expert Picks: Outdoor BBQ Essentials

May 20, 2018

Expert Picks: Outdoor BBQ Essentials

If the beginning of Summer makes you think of grilling outdoors, we’re right there with you. Now that warm weather is here, it’s time to up your BBQ game. Here’s what you need for the ultimate backyard (or patio, deck, whatever you’re working with) cooking extravaganza.


Start with Some Spring Cleaning

“Unless you’ve just purchased a new grill or smoker, you’ve got work to do before the cooking begins,” says Barbara Weston, director of global trend and design at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Use a grill brush like the Grill Daddy Corner Cleaner BBQ Grill Brush, which uses steam and a heavy-duty brush to get to the toughest-to-clean corners. Just add water and go.


Consider Cast Iron

Have we mentioned how much we love cast iron? Inexpensive, versatile, nonstick, and nearly indestructible, this thing is the perfect partner for any grill. Put it on top to get a great sear on meats, veggies, or fruit. Plus, “clean-up is a breeze,” says Weston. “Just let any food residue bake off as the grill cools. Clean out any residue, re-season it with oil, and it’s ready to go for next time.”


Don’t Forget Tools

Set yourself up for success with the right tools. We love the Just Grillin’® 17-Piece BBQ Tool Set with Digital Temp Fork. It has everything you need – tongs, skewers, a digital temperature fork, and more – and it comes in a convenient and durable storage case.


Dress Up

The right BBQ requires the right attire. “Leather gloves may not seem like hot items for grilling in the summer, but avoiding those searing burns and flying hot lava BBQ sauce will change your mind when cooking for a crowd,” Weston says. “Bib aprons that have plenty of pockets for towels, bottle openers, etc. are also great.” They’re functional, and you’ll look like a serious grilling guru.


Leave Breakables Indoors

If you’re planning to eat outside, be prepared and leave the glass and ceramic inside. Weston recommends shatterproof drinkware and a beverage dispenser for a signature cocktail or juice. You should also consider some melamine dinnerware as an alternative to disposable plates.


Light it Up

“Let there be light! And a lot of it,” says Weston. “Multiple lanterns hung from the walls, on tables, and along walkways can create a magical atmosphere.” Plus, of course, it helps people see when it gets dark.

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