Expert Picks: Wine Racks

May 25, 2018

Expert Picks: Wine Racks

Designer and home builder Tracy Morris loves solving home storage and furnishing conundrums with her creativity. Here, she shares smart, stylish tips for storing and displaying wine and bar items in a home of any size.


Home Essentials & Beyond Pyramid 10-Bottle Wine Rack in Gold

The size of this wine rack ensures its versatility: It can easily go above the fridge or on or next to a media cabinet, or be tucked in a bookshelf. “It has so much flexibility,” Morris says. “And with gold making such a resurgence in home decor, it’s a great addition to any room and even looks beautiful when it’s empty.”


Seville Classics UltraZinc 12-Bottle Mini Wine Rack

This is the ultimate utilitarian option—its clean, simple design showcases beautiful wine bottles and distinctive labels. Its pint-size footprint—even while stashing up to a dozen bottles—means it is countertop and pantry friendly. “You could put four of these next to each other to create a display of your wine collection,” says Morris.


Vintotemp® 9-Bottle Epic Metal Wine Rack in Black

This one is great for small spaces, plus it keeps bottles and corks in the optimal storage position. It comes with a bit of vino smarts built in, too: It keeps the bottles on their sides so the cork remains wet to keep out the air. “This one can also make a really fantastic wall display,” Morris says.


American Heritage Fairfield Wine Bar in Gray

Hidden behind armoire-like doors, you’ll find an expansive wine and bar cabinet with room for all the essentials, including napkins, bottle openers, glassware and coasters. “When you have a party, open it and you instantly have another surface for mixing drinks,” says Morris. “When you’re not using it, close the doors to keep kids and pets safe—you can even add a discreet lock if needed.”


Winsome Trading Bordeaux 3-Piece Modular Wine Cabinet in Espresso

This modular option allows for a customized wine storage setup. Use one piece in the dining room and two in the kitchen, or all three together for a wine-rack-meets-buffet table. And it boasts enviable storage, too, says Morris, with bottom drawers for small items, such as napkins and coasters, and shelves roomy enough for smaller liquor bottles and cookbooks.


Manhattan Comfort Lund 12-Bottle Wine Cabinet

Show some modern flair with this 1960s-inspired wine rack. “I would use this one as a table between chairs, or put two together to create a longer cabinet along a wall,” Morris says.  

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