Our Must-Have Pick for Better Sleep: SHEEX® Performance Sleep

May 01, 2018

Our Must-Have Pick for Better Sleep: SHEEX® Performance Sleep

These are the supersoft, quick-drying breathable sheets you’ve been waiting for.


If you didn’t know before, you do now: May is Better Sleep Month. And odds are, if you found yourself clicking on this post, you’re looking for a way to get in a few more hours or to get better-quality sleep. Good news: There’s a line of performance bedding (SHEEX®!) that can help.

It makes sense—almost everything we use today is engineered to help us perform our best. Our watches count how many steps we take each day; our gym clothes breathe, wick moisture and are built to withstand dramatic temperature changes. We have tools on our smartphones that track our progress. We also spend about eight hours a day in bed—which is why SHEEX created a line of bedding that, like your favorite athletic wear, performs while you sleep so you wake up rested and ready to tackle your day. Their products are supersoft, quick-drying and breathable. SHEEX also invented the SHEEX SLEEP•FIT® ZONE System, which allows you to find bedding to match your ideal sleeping temperature. ZONE 1 helps lower your body temperature so you can SLEEP COOLER. ZONE 2 helps regulate your body temperature so you can SLEEP BALANCED. ZONE 3 will help you increase your body temperature, allowing you to SLEEP WARMER. Ready to get a better night’s rest? Check out our top picks from the lab-tested line:


SHEEX® Experience Performance Fabric Sheet Set

If you tend to run hot and wake up in a sweat at night, you need these sheets in your life. Part of the SLEEP COOLER collection of products, these are engineered to lower your body temperature. They’re also ultralightweight, breathable and moisture wicking, so you’ll stay cool, dry and comfortable even on those hot summer nights.


SHEEX® Arctic Aire Sheet Set

Another option to help you SLEEP COOLER is this set made of 100% TENCEL® lyocell. Translation: The smooth natural fibers have submicroscopic channels that help regulate absorption and release moisture for a cooler, drier sleep.


SHEEX® Luxury Copper Performance Sheet Set

This set is breathable, moisture-wicking and built to help regulate your body temperature to SLEEP BALANCED. They’re comfortable and infused with PRO+IONIC™ technology, which is naturally anti-odor and they release copper ions while you sleep, which may promote skin rejuvenation and help you feel more refreshed when waking up.


SHEEX® 100% Viscose Made from Bamboo Sheet Set

Another member of the SLEEP BALANCED family, these eco-friendly sheets consist of 100% woven viscose made from bamboo and oh-so-silky-soft to the touch. They absorb moisture and adapt to your body temperature for year-round comfort and many nights of peaceful sleep.


SHEEX® 37.5® Performance Mattress Pad in White

37.5® Technology has been scientifically proven to lessen the effects of humidity and temperature while you sleep. This SHEEX mattress pad, made with technology-infused fibers, is designed to keep you comfortable during the night whether you tend to get hot or cold.


SHEEX® 37.5® Technology Down Alternative Comforter

Designed with the same 37.5® Technology as the mattress pad, this down alternative comforter is the perfect way to finish off your SHEEX bedding set.

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