Six Secrets for a Home That’s Always Organized

May 10, 2018

Six Secrets for a Home That’s Always Organized

You may think you could never be that person whose house is always neat and tidy. But it’s not magic or a superpower, it’s just a matter of introducing a few smart systems, says Jeffrey Phillip, a professional organizer and interior designer based in New York.

Here are six things Phillip recommends to get your home in order:

Real Simple® 3-Cube Split-Top Storage Bench in White

“When we come in the door, we struggle with where to put stuff and we end up with pileup,” says Phillip. This storage bench creates designated “drop zones” for items such as shoes, sunglasses and dog leashes, helping to keep everything organized and close at hand. Plus, it offers seating. Put it in your entryway, laundry room, bedroom, office, or even the bathroom.


InterDesign® 7-Section Dresser Organizer

“There’s always little stuff in every room that doesn’t categorically fit within that space,” Phillip says. “And I think it’s super important to give all these items a home.” He suggests using the same organizer throughout the house, not just for dressers, but also for bedside tables and even for kitchen junk drawers—yes, Phillip says it’s OK to have a junk drawer!


Stanley Furniture Juniper Dell Lateral File Cabinet

“Paper is something that piles up, often because the filing cabinet is somewhere that’s not convenient,” Phillip says. This attractive option (disguised as dresser) fits well in your living room or dining room. A lock on each drawer allows you to keep your records secure.


Honey-Can-Do® 3-Piece Woven Basket Set in Black

Experts often recommend clear bins to maximize visibility, but Phillip says that labeled opaque containers are the best choice for containing messy-looking objects such as extension cords and cables. “You can use them to categorize really anything,” he says.


Oceanstar 3-Tier Storage Cart in Espresso

Not everything needs to have a designated room to live in. A rolling cart makes it so that you can bring certain items (think: hobby and craft supplies, baby gear) from room to room. “It’s a way to let us use our spaces the way we want to,” Phillip says. Try grouping odds and ends on the bottom, then stash more aesthetically pleasing pieces on top.


OXO Good Grips® Turntable

“The stuff in the back always dies,” says Phillip of refrigerators and kitchen cabinets. This lazy Susan keeps those items just a spin away. Phillip recommends this turntable in particular because it comes in two sizes and moves smoothly. “Its gives you easier access to your things while also corralling them,” he says. Use them in the refrigerator, bathroom cabinets and more.

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