Buyer’s Dozen: BBQ Accessories

June 15, 2018

Buyer’s Dozen: BBQ Accessories

Time to fire up the grill. To prep for a great summer of cooking outdoors, you need the right supplies, and there’s a lot out there. We asked our buyer, Grant, for a dozen of his picks to set you up for some great meals, and you’re going to want everything on his list.


Just Grillin’® Premium Ceramic Coated Grilling Skillet

The grill is great for steaks and chicken, but smaller items like vegetables and more delicate foods like fish are riskier because they can easily fall through the grate. This ceramic-coated skillet allows you to grill them to perfection. It’s nonstick too, for easy cleaning, and the handle is removable for simple storage.


Just Grillin’® Premium Ceramic Coated Grilling Topper

This grill topper is flat and rectangular, and has raised edges. Like the skillet, this is great for smaller items. It also works well with a spatula. Use it for veggies, fish, even pizza.


OXO Good Grips® 2-Piece Grilling Utensil Set

Different types of cooking require different sets of tools. This set comes with tongs and a turner, specifically made for grilling. The turner features a wide head to get under food easily and a beveled edge for scraping food. One side has a serrated edge so you can check for doneness. The tongs have angled and scalloped heads for easy lifting. Both tools have 16” handles to keep you away from the heat, and soft, non-slip grips.


Armor All® Grill Cover in Black

We don’t want to jinx it, but sometimes barbecues are interrupted by rain. Get a cover to protect your grill from inclement weather. This one is durable and features hook and side closures, durable handles, extra buckles, and pocket air vents that reduce condensation and wind lofting. In short: It’s a really good grill cover.


Heavy Duty 30″ x 48″ BBQ Grill Mat in Black

The best thing about grilled meat: how juicy it is. The worst thing about grilled meat for your patio: how juicy it is. Protect your deck or patio flooring with a grill mat. This one has waterproof backing and is flame- and mildew-resistant.


Just Grillin’® 2-Piece Grill Station and Marinade Injector

Did you know you can inject marinade directly into your food? Now you do. This Just Grillin’®  2-Piece Grill Station and Marinade Injector is the ultimate prep tool. Marinate your food (on the inside and/or outside) in the grill station, close it and stick it in the fridge. Your food will be flavored from the inside out. Grilling level = expert.


Large Himalayan Salt Plate in Silver

Don’t want to over-salt your food? Try cooking it directly on this Himalayan salt plate. It flavors food subtly, easily. Bonus: It’s so pretty.


Just Grillin’® 3-Pack BBQ Set

We can go around in circles about what flavor of barbecue is the best—hickory smoke, honey, mustard. Or you can get all three together.”Plus, let’s be honest: Every flavor of BBQ sauce is the best flavor.


Just Grillin’® 3-Pack Seasonings Set

More proof that good things come in threes: this set of three grill rubs. With seasoning for poultry, fish and steak, you’ll be all set for whatever you’re cooking.


Just Grillin’® Mop & Bucket Sauce Set

Find us a more adorable way to baste and add sauce to your food—we dare you.


Grill Daddy Corner Cleaner BBQ Grill Brush

No one wants to think about cleaning the grill, but it is a necessity. Give your grill a really good clean with this brush. It uses steam and the heat of your grill to get rid of tough grime and dirt. And your food will taste better, too.


Double-Helix Bristle-Free Coil Grill Brush

For an everyday cleaning between uses, this grill brush is a good pick. It has coils that form to your grill’s grate and won’t leave scratches behind.


And, one more to make it a baker’s dozen…


Oversize Triple-Action Grill Brush

This brush does it all: It has dual-sided stainless steel bristles and a patented top wire brush to clean deeper. No excuses for a dirty grill by summer’s end.


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