Staff Picks: Kitchen Tools

June 29, 2018

Staff Picks: Kitchen Tools

These days, it feels like there’s a gadget for everything. Whatever it is you’re looking to do, from creating a perfectly round ice cube to hulling a strawberry, there’s probably an item made specifically for that. We asked around the office about kitchen tools our staffers can’t live without. Here are their must-haves:


Wilton 20-Piece Beginning Buttercream Cake Decorating Set

“This may be the most popular present I’ve ever given anyone. I bought this set for my 11-year-old daughter who loves baking, and she uses it constantly. Did you know you can add buttercream roses to every dish you make? You can!” —Liz, Copy Director


Angry Mama™ Microwave Cleaner

“My microwave doesn’t take up any precious counter space since it hangs over my stove. The issue for someone who is short like me is not being able to reach inside the microwave to clean it. The solution: Angry Mama. All you do is fill “Mama” with water and vinegar, place in the microwave, turn on the microwave and “Mama” steams away the grime. Bye-bye meal residue. Hello clean microwave.” —Jill, Managing Editor, Content


Farberware® Professional Avocado Food Huggers in Green (Set of 2)

“Total game changer. Save your avocados–and your money–with this handy tool that keeps the uneaten half of your avocado fresh until you’re ready for it.”  –Shena, Creative Director


Helen’s Asian Kitchen® Stainless Steel Spider Strainer

“I once read in a magazine that this was a must-have tool for any chef, and it was right. It’s perfect for removing raviolis, dumplings or any other food or meat from boiling water or oil, and for skimming foam off the top of broth. My husband and I can’t live without it now!” —Jessica, Senior Manager, Public Relations & Social Media


OXO Good Grips® Angled Measuring Cup

“At first glance this is just another measuring cup, but it has a genius twist: It’s angled. No more bending down to get an accurate reading! With this one, you can just look over the top of the cup. I got this and haven’t used another measuring cup since.” —Dana, Associate Editor, Content & Social


OXO Good Grips® Tabletop Spiralizer

“I love using my spiralizer to make zucchini noodles as an alternative to spaghetti. It’s perfect for lighter and healthier dinner options, especially in warmer months. Plus, watching it effortlessly spiralize solid vegetables into fun curly shapes adds some excitement to your cooking routine!” —Rosanna, Social Media & Public Relations Associate

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