3 Things You Never Knew You Could Do with a Spray Bottle

July 19, 2018

3 Things You Never Knew You Could Do with a Spray Bottle

If you couldn’t tell, we’re pretty into doing stuff in and for our homes over here. We love cooking, organizing, cleaning and caring for ourselves and the places we live in. Naturally, we also love things that serve more than one function and make our lives easier. Enter the humble little spray bottle, usually used for cooking oils.typically sold for the express purpose of spraying cooking oil.

Sure, there’s nothing complicated or revolutionary about the functionality of a spray bottle. Here are a few uses you may not have thought of:


DIY Skin Toner

Skin care is all the rage right now, and we’d be lying if we told you we haven’t bought in. We totally have. Here’s a toner you can make right at home. Mix one part water with one part raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Spray onto a cotton pad and use it on your face. For more sensitive skin, use less apple cider vinegar. Bonus: It’s totally natural!

Cat Trainer

Cat owners swear by this: use good old-fashioned water to keep your cat from misbehaving. If you see your cat scratching furniture or doing something they shouldn’t be, spritz them with a little water. This will help them unlearn the unwanted behavior

DIY Citrus Spray

Lots of foods taste better with a little spritz of lemon or lime. Save some money and make a citrus spray of your own! Simply cut a lemon or lime in half and push the top of the spray bottle into the fruit. Spray on salads, proteins, veggies, popcorn, or use on sliced fruit (apples, avocado) to keep things fresher longer.

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