Foolproof: Hostess Gifts to Keep On Hand for Last-Minute Invites

July 05, 2018

Foolproof: Hostess Gifts to Keep On Hand for Last-Minute Invites

You know it’s polite to show up to someone’s home with a gift. But sometimes you don’t have time. Keep a few of these items within reach and you’ll never be without a hostess gift again.


Electric Wine Opener

Barware is always a great idea. Most people already have corkscrews, but an electric one feels more elevated and gift-y.


Ice Molds

Your host might not think to buy these for himself or herself, but once they have them they’ll love them. These ice molds allow you to enjoy cold drinks without watering them down.



Everyone can always use another set of coasters, and this set is super chic. These will be a hit with pretty much anyone you give them to. Proceed with confidence.


Picture Frames

Picture frames are a great gift, and they’re great to keep on hand because they don’t take up much space. We like these because they’re simple yet elegant and go with any decor.


Coffee Mugs

Every coffee/tea drinker wants an eclectic mug collection. It’s just a cool thing to have (at least according to us). Stock up on some good-looking ones and give them out.


Scented Candles

Scented candles are an absolute classic in the housewarming/hostess gift department. We all want to smell like lavender, or ocean breeze or fresh linen, and candles aren’t something we necessarily often get for ourselves.


Cheese Boards

Getting someone a cheese board is both a nice gesture and a great investment in your future with cheese. Next time your friend has a wine and cheese party, he’ll remember who got him his great cheese board and extend an invite to you. See? Great investment.

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