Our Secret to the Cushiest Dorm Room Ever

July 27, 2018

Our Secret to the Cushiest Dorm Room Ever

Dorm rooms are basically famous for three things: small rooms, communal bathrooms, and cinder block walls. We’re not saying it’s all bad. Your dorm is where you’ll get your first taste of roommate life, where you’ll learn to live on your own, and where you’ll spend late nights studying (and even later nights hanging out with friends).

What we are saying is it’s up to you to make your living situation comfortable. College students, meet UGG®. While they’re known for making the most comfortable slippers and boots, the secret is that they’re also bringing that cozy, cool style to your dorm room.

Here are a few of our home design favorites to grab before you move in:


UGG® Sunwashed Comforter Set

Available in three muted colors (that really go with everything), the Sunwashed Comforter Set brings much-needed warmth to any room. The suede-like fabric is also incredibly soft!


UGG® Sunwashed Deep-Pocket Sheet Set

Every great comforter needs great sheets to go with it. This set is as soft and cozy as the comforter, and of course it comes in twin XL (the perfect fit for a dorm room bed).


UGG® Cascade Frosted Plush Bolster Throw Pillow

We’ve got to hand it to dorm room beds for being the multitasker of the century. They also serve as your couch, your study space, your hangout space, your quiet time space, your party time space, your dining space, and much more. Add some bolster pillows to your setup. They’ll come in handy when you’re studying or watching TV. This one is super plush.


UGG® Cascade Frosted Plush Floor Cushion

If you have space for extra chairs and couches in your dorm room, we salute your college. If, like most of us, you don’t, this pillow provides a comfortable place to sit. When you’re not using it, you can just put it away for some extra floor space.

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