#CollegeProblems Solved: Advice to Incoming Freshmen

August 02, 2018

#CollegeProblems Solved: Advice to Incoming Freshmen

Beginning college is exciting and anxiety-inducing—all at once. We know because we’ve been there. Here’s our best advice for surviving dorm life.

Surge Protectors Are Your Savior

Outlets in tiny rooms can be hard to come by, and they can be even harder to reach. Trust us when we say you need a good surge protector and some extension cords for all of your devices. We like this one, which has rotating outlets and two USB ports.

Get Creative in the Cafeteria

In all likelihood, you’ll be on a meal plan. That’s a good thing. You won’t have to spend too much time worrying about food, which leaves more time for studying (or NOT studying). Don’t let the cafeteria food get boring—have fun with it! Add veggies from the salad bar to your pasta. Use eggs, deli meats, and veggies to make a breakfast sandwich. And some dorm cafeterias even have ice cream and waffles on weekends. You know what to do.

See Every Inch of Space As an Opportunity for Storage

You already know your dorm room isn’t going to be palatial. Once you move in and unpack your belongings (times two, hey roommate!), you may realize it’s smaller than you thought. Don’t panic! We have tons (no really, tons, it’s kind of our thing) of space savers to help you make the most of what room you do have.

Make your closet seem bigger:

Make good use of the space underneath your bed:

Your door? Use that, too.

Conquer the Communal Bathroom

College means communal bathrooms. That means sharing with strangers (who may become friends, but still) and walking down a hallway to get to and from the shower, toilet, and sinks. Grab a pair of AQua Flops® and a good shower caddy to help you transport your stuff. And, maybe get a bottle or two of Poo-Pourri® while you’re at it, just to keep things fresh.

Make It Comfy

Being away from home for an extended period of time can be hard. Make it easier by making your dorm room comfortable. Get a mattress topper and some cozy bedding to make it feel more like home. Keep a pair of headphones at arm’s reach, too, for when you need some privacy.

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