Crash Course: Rug Layering

August 01, 2018

Crash Course: Rug Layering

When it comes to rugs, sometimes more is more. If you do it right, layered rugs can add brightness, color, texture, and style to a room. If the idea of decorating a room with more than one rug sounds intimidating, then you’re in the right place. Jillian, our rug expert, is here with a few styling tips to help get you started.

Tip #1 If you want your space to have some color but don’t want to go too crazy, layer a busier pattern or bolder color rug on top of something neutral. “Use an inexpensive natural fiber 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’ rug to cover a large space, then layer on top a smaller 5’ x 8’ decorative rug to add color and texture,” says Jillian. Buying a smaller version of a more expensive rug will help save you money as well.

Click here for bottom layer. Click here for top layer. 

Tip #2 “Layer a sheepskin over a simple rug in a bedroom to add softness to the space,” says Jillian. Sheepskin rugs tend to be expensive, but even a small one makes the room feel cozier.

Tip #3 For multipurpose rooms, Jillian says, “Use a smaller rug, such as cowhide or kilim, to define a seating area over carpeting or a larger area rug. “If your living room also functions as a dining room or office (or all three), you can mark a separate space with a rug.

Click here for bottom layer. Click here for top layer (left). Click here for top layer (right).

Tip #4 Babies are soft and cuddly, and their rooms should be the same way. “In a nursery, layer a small soft shag or fur-like rug over carpeting,” says Jillian.

Click here for bottom layer. Click here for top layer.

Tip #5 “For long, narrow spaces (think entryways and hallways), it can be really beautiful to layer several rugs together,” suggests Jillian. “Vintage runners are really hot right now and hold up in high-traffic areas like hallways and even kitchens.”

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