Fun Ways to Use Jars for Pretty Much Everything

August 04, 2018

Fun Ways to Use Jars for Pretty Much Everything

You already know you can use jars for canning and for chic-ifying your cocktails. But there’s a lot more to be done with these versatile vessels. Here are some ideas and inspiration to make Ball canning jars the most useful items in your home.

Candy Jar

Keep it bright and colorful, and use jars to store wrapped or unwrapped candy. Your pantry will be everyone’s favorite.

Storage for Bulk Ingredients

Buy your nuts, popcorn kernels, seeds, and more in bulk—it’s a great way to save money. Then store the ingredients in the jars and use as much or as little as you need at a time. You can also store sugar, salt, and more. Added bonus? They look cool.

Dog Treats

Keep treats for pets within arm’s and in a container they can’t get into. With a see-through jar, you’ll always know when it’s time to go get more!


These are pretty much the easiest and prettiest candles you can DIY. Fill the bottom of the jar with sand and seashells, and put a tea light or small candle into the center. Boom.


A canning jar makes a pretty great vase. Cut your flowers short enough, and fill the jar. These make great centerpieces because they’re not so tall that you can’t see over them. They also work well in small spaces, and let’s be honest, on pretty much any sill, counter, or end table.

Opaque Container

These obviously work great as clear containers, but with a quick paint job they can also be a great way to store things you don’t want seen. Paint them any color you want, and use them anywhere around your home—the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room.

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