Hack Your Closet to Create More Space

August 23, 2018

Hack Your Closet to Create More Space

Getting all of your clothing into your closet can feel like trying to put a square peg into a round hole. But fret not. A small closet doesn’t have to mean a smaller clothing collection. Here are our favorite products to hack your closet and create more space in any living situation.

Slim Down

Slim hangers are one of those things we wonder how we ever lived without. They just make so much sense. Replace your thick, bulky hangers with these. They save space, and their velvety covering makes them nonslip.

Go Vertical

Multiple garments on one hanger? Yep, we’re interested. Use the tiered version for pants or skirts, and the attachable ones for tops.

Shelf Smarter

When it comes to shelves, more is definitely more. A hanging closet organizer instantly adds more room with no construction necessary. This version spins as well for easy access to everything you need.

Think Outside the Box

Add some closet outside your closet. If you have room for it, a garment rack is a great extra piece of equipment for coats, dresses, and suits. If you have even more room, try an entire freestanding wardrobe.

Divide and Conquer

It’s easy to turn the top shelf of your closet into that place where you throw things because you don’t know where to put them. Adding a few cubes to divide the space can solve that. They will keep you organized and allow you to store more.

Double Up

Most of our hanging items don’t touch the floor. So why not double up? This rod expands to fit the height and width of your closet.

Take the Floor

Like that top shelf, the floor tends to become a cluttered mess, when it can be really useful. Organize your shoes with a rack, and you’ll be able to see them clearly, store more of them, and help them avoid getting damaged and dirty.

Don’t Forget the Door

Have we mentioned that we love over-the-door storage solutions? If you haven’t heard, we’re telling you now: The door is the most underrated storage space in any room or closet. Use it for hooks or for organizers, great for everything from shoes to sunglasses to toiletries.

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