Little Life-Changer: Shoe Storage

August 19, 2018

Little Life-Changer: Shoe Storage

According to a study we just made up, shoes on the floor are the number one cause of tripping and falling in the home. Keeping your shoes organized is no easy feat, and lining them up neatly on the floor of your closet works for about 72 hours (max) before they become completely unwieldy. You need a storage solution to keep you from going crazy. Having organized shoes is one of those things that sound simple but can really change your life.  And we’ve got options. Here are our favorite shoe racks and storage pieces.

Stackable 24-Inch Horizontal 2-Shelf Organizer in White

As simple and stylish as it gets, this stackable organizer is great for storing shoes and other items. Put it at the bottom of your closet or stack several against a wall. Yes, some of your shoes will still be on the floor, but trust us, this simple shelf is life changing. Or at least closet changing.

Whitmor 30-Pair Over the Door Shoe Rack

No space? No excuses. The door is a great place to carve out some extra storage space. We love this rack because it fits over pretty much every door and holds 30 pairs of shoes.

Household Essentials® 4-Tier Revolving Shoe Tree in Chrome

Sometimes it’s best to go vertical. This shoe tree provides space for 24 pairs of shoes, and spins around so you’ll have easy access to every pair.

Whitmor 30-Section Hanging Shoe Shelves in Beige

For those who prefer a hanging option, look no further. This piece has 30 shelves, for 30 pairs of shoes or 30 of anything. Use it for bags, sunglasses, scarves, or whatever else needs a home.

Click here for all of our shoe storage!

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