Our Expert Picks: The Best Laundry Bins for Dorms

August 09, 2018

Our Expert Picks: The Best Laundry Bins for Dorms

Whether you’re washing your clothes yourself or sending them out to a Laundromat, laundry is a fact of life. And because you’re sharing a space with someone else, keeping dirty clothing in a hamper is an essential part of dorm room living. Here are our favorite laundry bins to use for transport to the laundry room and for staying organized (and on your roommate’s good side).


CleverMade® SnapBasket® Hamper

The CleverMade SnapBasket hamper is an Expert Pick for a reason. It folds flat easily, has a divider for sorting, and holds three loads of laundry. So even if it takes you forever to get your laundry done, at least you won’t have dirty clothes all over the floor.


Pop-Up Mesh Laundry Hamper

Any hamper that also serves as a laundry bag is a good thing to own. Plus, this one pops open and collapses flat, is equipped with handles for easy carrying, and has pockets for storing detergent, dryer sheets, and more.


Home Logic 2.0-Bu. Rolling Hamper in White

If the laundry room isn’t easily accessible from your bedroom, consider something on wheels. This stylish hamper has a handle for carrying but rolls when you need it to.


Easy Home Hamper with Removable Liner

The hamper provides structure while the laundry bag is removable for easy carrying or separating. Toss clothing into the hamper, and remove the liner when it’s time to throw it into the machine.


Ginsey Home + Solutions Foldable Seated Hamper

Our love of multifunctional items is a secret to exactly zero people. If you share that love, this hamper that doubles as extra seating is the one you need.


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