Little Life-Changers: Cleaning the Kitchen

September 06, 2018

Little Life-Changers: Cleaning the Kitchen

It’s no secret we love our pots, pans, and gadgets. Cleaning them? Not so much. That is, until we found these items that make it easier. Trust us when we say that these four items will change the way you clean, forever.


OXO Good Grips® Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

Keep one of these by your sink at all times. It’s the quickest way to wash your pots and pans since you can dispense soap right from the brush. It’s also pretty awesome for cleaning more difficult tools, like spiralizers.


Scrub Daddy® Original Sponge

If you know, you know. If you don’t know, we’re telling you now. The Scrub Daddy® is a sponge and scrubber in one– it softens in warm water and becomes coarser in cold water. You can use the mouth to clean silverware, and it won’t scratch. Plus, it smiles at you while you clean.


Casabella® 3-Pack Bottle Brushes

You know that thing when you’re trying to clean a glass or water bottle, but you can’t actually get all the way to the bottom of it? That’s actually not a thing you have to deal with at all. These bottle brushes can get into the bottom of champagne flutes, water bottles, and into all kinds hard-to-reach crevices.


Bar Keeper’s Friend® 21-Ounce Cleanser and Polish

This stuff is not just for barkeepers. Everyone needs it. We’re pretty sure it’s made from unicorn dust or something, because we honestly can’t believe how well it actually works. Use it to clean stainless steel cookware, ceramic cooktops, and more. It makes getting rid of lime and rust look like no big deal.

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