Halloween Hacks: Make Cute Kids Costumes with Household Items

October 17, 2018

Halloween Hacks: Make Cute Kids Costumes with Household Items

These easy children’s Halloween costume ideas take multitasking to the next level.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to put your creative witch hat on. Pumpkins and ghosts are always great kids costumes, but this year, you’re looking for something different. Great news: So are we. For some help, we asked mom and costuming expert Jenielle Chaney, also known as Little Gray Thread on Instagram and her blog. She gave us some easy and fun ideas, using products you may already have or can easily find. For full video instructions, head over to Little Gray Thread’s Instagram story highlights.

Popcorn Costume

You’ll need:

  • A yellow dress
  • Mesh bath sponges
  • Red and white felt
  • Paint or iron-on letters
  • Safety pins
  • Headband

This popcorn costume will be a big hit (after all, who doesn’t love popcorn?)! Here are the steps:

  • Make the “popcorn” sign with two pieces of rectangular felt. Cut the white piece slightly smaller than the red one. Paint on or use iron-on letters to spell out “popcorn.”
  • Grab a yellow (or any similarly colored dress) and attach some popcorn-colored mesh bath sponges using safety pins. Two or three pins per sponge should work (after Halloween, remove the safety pins and you’ll have the yellow dress back).
  • Glue another mesh sponge to a headband for a hair accessory, and you’re done! Easy peasy. Just add butter!
Photo: Jenielle Chaney, @LittleGrayThread

Pineapple Costume

You’ll need:

This one is simple:

  • Place the steamer basket on your child’s head and measure how long to cut your elastic so it will sit securely under the chin. Cut away!
  • Thread the elastic through holes in the steamer and tie a knot on both sides to secure.
  • Pair it with a yellow dress and you’ve got an easy pineapple costume!
Photo: Jenielle Chaney, @LittleGrayThread

Picnic Table Costume

You’ll need:

  • Red checkered tablecloth
  • Rectangular floral foam block (You’ll need to make a quick trip to the craft store.)
  • Glue gun or duct tape
  • Toy food
  • Paper plates
  • Headband, hair clip, or hair tie

As we always say, “Be the picnic you wish to see in the summertime.” Actually, that was the first time we’ve said it, but you get the idea. Here’s how this one works:

  • Measure out how much foam you want to use as the picnic table area. Cut a circle 8” in diameter. This piece will go over your child’s head.
  • Decide how long you want the tablecloth to hang. In the picture, it is 26” long on each side.  The foam was 12″ long, so the entire length of tablecloth was 26″+12″+26″. In this case, the foam was also 18” across. The width of the tablecloth is about 24” to make sure it’s covered.
  • Cut the tablecloth to the desired measurements.
  • Find the middle of the cloth and trace the circle from your cutout. This is where your child’s head will go through.
  • Use glue to attach the foam to the tablecloth circle.
  • Use hot glue (or duct tape) to attach plastic food to paper plates. The glue will come off after Halloween so you can have your toys back.
  • Use excess fabric to make a bow! Secure with a hair clip or hair tie.
Photo: Jenielle Chaney, @LittleGrayThread

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