Our Picks: Closet Organization

October 16, 2018

Our Picks: Closet Organization

Space-savers to the rescue!

Having an organized closet is the key to happiness. We’re pretty sure someone told us that once. It is, however, much easier said than done. No matter how roomy the closet, it never feels like enough. We can help with that. Here are some solutions to make more of the space you already have.

Shoe Organizer

If your current method of shoe organization is “keep everything in a giant pile and hope you can find a pair when it’s necessary,” it’s time to step up your game. Shoe racks are a great solution. You can stack pairs on top of one another and easily add more racks when you run out of space.

Shoe Rack

Got a seriously small situation? No excuses. This rack fits in just one square feet of space. You can store 18 pairs of shoes vertically, and it revolves so you can access every pair easily.

Slimline Hangers

If you already have slimline hangers, you already know. Free to move on to the next item. If you don’t, we aren’t going to mince words here. You need them. They keep your clothing from slipping off, and they’re super thin, so your clothing will take up less room and you get to go shopping.

Hanging Shelf Organizer

If you don’t have enough shelves, add some more. This hanging organizer comes with eight shelves, two of which can be used as drawers. It’s perfect for items you need to access easily, or for bulky items like sweats and sweaters.

Expandable Drawer Divider

Keep your drawers organized with a divider. This is great for smaller items (socks, undergarments) or for accessories (scarves, gloves) you want to keep separated and see easily.

Shelf Organizer

The top of your closet is probably a frightening mess of denim, sweatshirts, and miscellaneous items. A shelf organizer can maximize that space. Use it for bags or shoes, or for keeping the disparate pieces in line.

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