So Many Minibars

October 21, 2018

So Many Minibars

Pop-up minibars make drinking at home easier, more efficient, and even more glamorous than ever.

There’s a certain allure to the fully tricked out home bar—the old-school version, with all the muddlers and shakers, every conceivable liquor, and a few weird dusty Technicolor potions only master mixologists can identify. But when you’re entertaining a crowd, consider setting up multiple pop-up minibars to avoid the crush of thirsty people that comes with a single drink station. The pop-up bar is also a perfect solution for the space-challenged and for showing off your decor style.

Raise the Bar Question

If you have the extra space, a minibar or a bar cart is a practical piece of furniture. It’s easy to find something chic that’ll complement your existing decor. (They can also be clutter magnets, so be sure to keep them looking neat, giving yours a once-over with a duster before guests arrive.)

Try Tray Chic

If a dedicated bar isn’t an option, enlist trays. Use one tray for whiskey and other brown liquors, another for the clear stuff, and a third for wine. Add more trays for glasses, bar tools, and mixers. They help keep things tidy and organized, even in self-service situations.

Optimize the Optics

Consider creating a signature drink for your party—an autumnal Manhattan with a cinnamon swizzle stick, for instance. Or get into the holiday spirit with a seasonal punch. Stylish cocktails and drinks make you look very discerning and your party all the more drinkstagrammable.

Accessorize with Care

If you have room, equip your bar with all the tools of the trade and opt for a few well-made essentials that double as decor when not in service.

Use Ice Buckets

Big tubs free up space in your refrigerator and give you a place to park ice, beer, wine, and sodas.

–Audrey Scrivener

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