Starter Pack: Glassware

October 19, 2018

Starter Pack: Glassware

There are so many different glasses on the market; here are the ones you need to start your collection.

Sometimes we find ourselves in awe of all the glassware that exists. From beer to wine to cocktails, there’s truly a glass for every type of drink. The good news: you don’t need a large glassware collection to have a great tasting experience. Here we break down what you actually need to have a functioning collection.

Everyday Glasses

Start with the basics. You’ll need a set of everyday glasses for water, juice, and other beverages. We like this 16-piece set that includes tall and short glasses. As an added bonus, these will work for cocktails too.

Bordeaux Glasses

There are wine glasses for seemingly every varietal on the planet, and while having all of them may be #goals, you don’t really need them. Bordeaux glasses have a great shape for full-bodied wines and will work for any red wine you pour. These are at a great price point for the quality.

Chardonnay Glasses

For your white wines, we like chardonnay glasses. They’ll work for fuller bodied whites, but really, anything goes here, as long as the wine itself is decent! These are dishwasher-safe and chip-resistant, so they’re perfect for parties.

Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

From margarita glasses to martini glasses to Moscow Mule copper mugs, there’s a lot of glassware (and mugs) going around. But we’re going to level with you: You really only need two cocktail glasses. Double old-fashioned glasses work for Manhattans, margaritas, and even martinis. For the other type, see below.

Highball Glasses

For mojitos, bloody Marys, and gin and tonics, you need a set of highball glasses. Between these and the double old-fashioned glasses, there’s really no cocktail you can’t make—and serve.

Beer Glasses

It’s fun to drink beer out of a real beer glass, but let’s be honest here: Most people probably aren’t going to know whether you’re serving the correct ale in the correct ale glass. We like this six-piece assorted set that should cover all your needs. Just make sure you do your homework before your beer geek friends come over.

Bonus: Champagne Flutes

Here’s a secret: In a pinch, a white wine glass works just fine for champagne, or really, any vessel (it’s champagne after all). But isn’t it more fun to drink bubbly out of a flute? If you’ve got the space, grab a set. Cheers!

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