Starter Pack: Serveware

October 30, 2018

Starter Pack: Serveware

It’s time to step up your hosting game with new serveware.

You’re an adult, which means two things: One, covering your ears, closing your eyes, and stomping on the floor is not an effective way to skirt responsibilities or get out of a tricky situation. Two, a paper plate is no longer considered a serving dish. Get yourself some proper serveware—not only will your table be prettier, but hosting will also become easier. Everything will have its place at the table. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few key pieces to start your collection.

Multipurpose Server

Veggies and ranch. Pita and hummus. Meats, cheese, and olives. Chips and guac. These pairings are an excellent way to kick off your event. This server, with four bowls plus a condiment bowl, is great for any of those spreads and fixings. It’s also super versatile–you can remove the bowls and use each one on its own.

Salad Set

You know how we said being an adult means two things? It’s actually three. The third is that you have to eat salad now. If you like salad, this is good news for you. If you don’t, serving it in a great-looking bowl may be just the thing to get you there. This wooden bowl and server set is a classic.

Cheese Board and Knives

If there was an hors d’oeuvre Olympics (and who can we talk to about starting that?), cheese would win the gold medal in just about every event. It’s the perfect no-cook, no-prep appetizer, and everyone loves it (and vegan cheese has come a long way!). This stylish marble and wood board comes with a set of knives for hard, soft, and creamy cheeses. We recommend serving all three for best results.

Double-Stacked Tray

This versatile tray is perfect for appetizers, desserts, even breakfast. It’s your party, and you can serve what you want to! This piece is great for small spaces because it allows you to serve vertically (and it collapses for easy storage).

Platter with Handles

For main dishes or sides, this platter is a must-have. It goes with everything and has handles for easy carrying. It also works for pretty much any finger food you could cook up!

Wood Tray

For coffee, tea, wine, or appetizers, this tray is a great way to transport anything. Use it to serve as well as an extra layer underneath your food to protect your coffee table from nicks and stains.

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