How to Design Your Dream Game Room

November 09, 2018

How to Design Your Dream Game Room

Game rooms aren’t just for kids! Adults can (and should) get in on the fun!

Thinking about designing a game room but not sure where to start? Max Humphrey, a Portland-based designer at Decorist, taught us how to create a fun-packed, laid-back space.

Let the Games Begin

The most important part of the game room, is, of course, the games! Begin with the classics: chess, checkers, and cards. Then spice things up a bit with trendy pop-culture games like Cards Against Humanity®, What Do You Meme™, or Apples to Apples®. For a larger space, consider high-energy, interactive options like foosball, pool, arcade consoles, or slot machines.

Tasteful Decor

Don’t feel like a game room has to mimic a dark den or tacky arcade. Instead, create a stylish space that speaks to your current decor. Infuse it with bright colors, playful artwork, and lofty textiles that encourage guests of all ages to kick back and relax. And don’t be afraid to change it up from time to time — the space should be able to evolve as often as your style does.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is key in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Instead of bright overhead lighting, opt for lamps with a dimmer switch or bulbs that emit a soft glow. For illuminating the pool table or bar, install track lights or a trio of suspended pendants. Adjustable floor lamps are great next to sofas, allowing you to cast light in any direction.

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Seating

Stock up on as much seating as you can. Surround the television and stereo with a sectional and plush club chairs, and the pool table or home bar with counter stools. Dual-purpose seating and storage is also a smart choice. We like a large cocktail ottoman that can double as a perch for balancing trays or as a seat to accommodate extra guests.

–Holly Stephens

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