Little Life-Changer: Electric Turkey Fryer

November 13, 2018

Little Life-Changer: Electric Turkey Fryer

Meet your new favorite way to cook the Thanksgiving turkey.

There are lots of ways to cook a turkey. Whatever method you choose, if you do it right, you’re going to end up with a delicious bird. According to a very unscientific study we just did, however, fried things tend to be better than unfried things. And that is why, for this Thanksgiving (and all Thanksgivings henceforth) we encourage you to fry your turkey.

That’s right. We’re telling you not to roast your turkey. Here’s why: Frying your turkey takes less time (and can be easier to do), and it frees up your precious oven space for other dishes. It also tastes really, really good: crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside good. Our preferred means to arrive at fried turkey perfection? The Masterbuilt® Butterball® Digital XXL Electric Fryer.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of making fried food at home, that’s understandable. We’ve all heard horror stories involving outdoor deep fryers and fires. This isn’t that. The Masterbuilt® Butterball® electric fryer can hold up to a 22-pound turkey and cook it up right in your home. Just add all the necessary ingredients, close it up (no splatter!), and hit the button. It has easy temperature controls, no open flame, and, in case you’re trying to eat a bit healthier, allows you to get the deep-fried effect with 33 percent less oil.

Cleanup couldn’t be simpler. It has a built-in drain valve that is dishwasher-safe, as are the pot, basket, and lid.

Now that your oven is freed up and your bird handled, you can be extra focused on the sides. What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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