Staff Picks: What Bed Bath & Beyond Employees Rely on Most at Holiday Time

November 20, 2018

Staff Picks: What Bed Bath & Beyond Employees Rely on Most at Holiday Time

Everyone needs a little something to get them through the holidays, including those of us at Bed Bath & Beyond!

There’s no denying that we love the holidays . . . well, mostly. By that, we mean we enjoy them, but they’re exhausting. Between cooking, entertaining, hosting, guesting, spending time with family, shopping, gifting, and all of the business of life and work as usual, there’s a lot going on. But we’ve all got little hacks to help us through. Here are a few of the things our staffers couldn’t live without this season.

Electric Carving Knife

“My holiday freak out always came when it was time to manually slice the turkey. It was stressful and majorly messy. Not anymore. Since switching to an electric knife, I have the carving skills of a pro chef. No effort, no mess. It’s seriously my favorite turkey tool!” —Jill, Managing Editor, Content

Garlic Press

“My garlic press. If I mince my garlic by hand, my fingers will smell for three days!” —Lauren, Design Director

Lazy Susan Server

“I love the B. Smith® Lazy Susan Swirl Server for all those grabbing hands at the buffet. It’s easy to refill one dish without taking the entire tray away.” —Kristy, Editorial Content Manager

Lint Roller

“My extended family has a lot of pets. After leaving their homes, I’m completely covered in fur! A super sticky lint roller is the only thing that works. As for all those leftovers? I bring my own food storage containers so I don’t miss out and to save on single-use plastic and paper.” —Carla, Digital Designer

Parchment Paper

“Parchment paper, especially the precut stuff. It’s great for lining baking and roasting pans. Parchment distributes heat evenly, keeps food from sticking to the cooking surface, and makes cleanup really easy. Plus, using it feels sort of old-fashioned and charming. A parchment packet of homemade holiday cookies tied with kitchen twine or curly ribbon makes a sweet little gift.” —Anne, Senior Copywriter, Print

Polaroid Camera

“I know everyone’s glued to their phones these days, but it’s super fun to pull out an instant camera and take pictures. Everyone leaves with a fun souvenir, and you’ll have holiday pictures that will actually make it into the family photo album.” —Jordan, Senior Copywriter

Meat Thermometer

“The meat thermometer is a biggie for me. It really helps me gauge my cooking time. (You always want to calculate enough time to let it rest, knowing the temperature goes up during that time as well.) It takes some of the stress out of cooking.” —Samantha, Copy Manager

Buffet Slow Cooker

“I love the Crock Pot® buffet slow cooker. On Thanksgiving, it keeps gravy, mashed potatoes, and extra stuffing warm while your stove top and oven are busy.” —Effie, Digital Design Manager

Great Knives

“During the holidays, I definitely rely on a sharp knife. When you’re doing a lot of cooking, a good, sharp knife means you’ll get things done more quickly, more easily, and your food will look better, too.” —Ken, Director of Project Management

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