3 Cute DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

December 11, 2018

3 Cute DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

These simple seasonal wrapping projects upcycle materials, incorporate new festive items, and inspire both the gift giver and recipient.

Sure, you can buy gorgeous, expensive gift wrap—or you can dress up what you’ve got using simple things around the house (or a few essentials from our Holiday Shop). Here are three ways to surprise your loved ones before they open a single thing.

Cookie-Cutter Stencil Wrap

Make use of those pretty shapes, and trace cookie cutters onto paper. From there, create your own patterns like a pro. Kids can do it, too.

Materials and Tools

Color markers or pencils (crayons optional)
Plain paper, such as cut-up brown paper grocery bags or tissue paper

We love upcycling brown grocery bags and keeping kids occupied at the same time. You can also try this on tissue paper, newspaper, or any plain paper. To decorate, lay paper flat and trace the cookie cutter with marker or pencil.

  1. Outline the inside or outside of the cookie cutter—it doesn’t matter! Just cover your paper with fun shapes. It helps to keep turning the cookie cutter each time you trace so there’s no up or down, top or bottom when you wrap your present. Kids can even fill in the spaces with crayon.
  2. Wrap your gift and attach the original cookie cutters on top as an accent.

Washcloth Rose Welcome Basket

When holiday guests stay over, give them a basket of toiletries. Add this pretty “rose” to make them feel especially pampered.

Materials and Tools
Washcloths in solid colors

Basket or bucket
Assorted toiletries for guests (travel sizes work well)
Rubber band (optional)
Card or notebook paper

Obviously, it’s nice to welcome your holiday guests with a few things they need (toothpaste, shampoo) and some things they didn’t know they needed (relaxing face masks, bath salts, lip balm). Surprise and impress guests with a little washcloth origami flair.

To make the “rose”:

1. Fold washcloth in half diagonally to form a triangle.

2. Starting at one pointy end of the triangle, roll up into a cylinder, but not too tightly (see pic). At the one end of the cylinder is a pretty spiral—that’s the rose.

3. The other end has two points; those will form the leaves. Pull the two points apart and up toward the “rose” so they form leaves (see pic). Sculpt the points until they form two leaves nestled up to the flower, as shown.

4. To secure, wrap a rubber band around the base of the rose to hold leaves in place.

5. Fold a second washcloth in half, and put it in the bottom of the basket for a nice lining.

6. Fill basket with toiletries in travel sizes, and place your washcloth rose and a welcome note on top.

Cottony Snowflake Wrapping

Who knew there were craft supplies next to your bathroom sink? Cotton rounds become snowflakes to make your presents look wintry cute.

Materials and Tools
Cotton rounds

Small sharp scissors
Plain paper, such as cut-up brown paper grocery bags or colorful tissue paper
Glue stick


  1. This wrapping paper is pretty, fun, easy, and inexpensive. First, wrap your present with plain paper. To give the appearance of snowflakes falling across the sky, use blue tissue paper.
  2. To make the snowflakes, fold the cotton rounds in half, then into quarters. With your fingers, press the folds as flat as you can.
  3. Start snipping little triangles wherever you can. If you prefer, just fold in half and snip triangles.
  4. Glue your soft snowflakes to the package.

Bonus idea: Have the kids draw outlines of snowmen on the paper, then glue on cotton rounds to fill in the shape.

–Jessica Vitkus

Image Credit: Jessica Vitkus

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