3 DIY Holiday Decorating Projects the Whole Family Can Make

December 08, 2018

3 DIY Holiday Decorating Projects the Whole Family Can Make

Try these family-friendly decor ideas and you’ll be living in your own winter wonderland.

Now that the holidays are here, it’s time to add more comfort and joy to your home. We have easy DIY decorating ideas for your tree, your table, and your walls. Here are three simple ways to transform something ordinary into extraordinary.

Colorful Straw Garland

This is a super easy and quick project everyone can do. It’s like jewelry for your tree!

Materials and Tools

  • Plastic drinking straws in bright colors
  • Cotton or nylon cord (heavy enough to weather the elements, yet thin enough to fit through a straw)
  • A few buttons or beads
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Cut a piece of cord about 5 or 6 feet long. Dip the ends of the cord in glue and let dry.While the glue is drying, cut the color straws into one-inch segments. (It goes faster if you cut two straws at a time.) Those straw segments will be the “beads.”
  • Take the cord with the glued ends (now dry) and string one end through a bead or button and tie a knot; this serves as a stopper. You can also make a stopper by tying one end around a whole straw segment.
  • String straw segments on the cord like beads on a necklace. When you get to the end, create another stopper.Wrap your finished garland around the Christmas tree or drape it across the mantel. It’s pretty indoors or outdoors! When the holidays are over, save your garland for next year.

Pro tip: Cut up bright, reusable straws with pruning shears or tin snips for a more durable garland.

Candy Dish Party Wreath

Arrange pretty silver tart molds in a circle to make a holiday wreath of sweets. No baking!

Materials and Tools


  • Place six tart pans in a circle to form a wreath. Fill with holiday candy or peanuts or pretzels. We like Jordan almonds and gummy bears. For major sweet attention, go for silver Hershey’s Kisses or peppermint candy. No need to glue the pans together.

Pro tip: Arrange the whole candy wreath on a plate or tray if you want to pass it around.

Fairy Light Wall Star

Strings of LEDs let you draw with light. Decorate a whole wall in less than an hour.

Materials and Tools


  • First, test out the surgical tape by sticking a piece to the wall, then pull it off slowly to make sure it doesn’t take off any paint. Surgical tape has a gentle adhesive, so it should not damage walls. Cut longer pieces of tape for a stronger hold.
  • Put batteries in the fairy lights. Lay out and tape the star formation on the floor for practice (see photo) or just go straight to the wall.Find a place to rest the battery pack, like the back of the couch or a windowsill, and from there, build your star on the wall. Attach a piece of tape every foot or so, as shown. (Use the ruler, but you don’t have to be super exact.)
  • Each piece of tape helps you turn a corner to form an angle of the star. The fairy light rope is 10 feet long, so your five-pointed star will have 10 one-inch segments. Once you tape up your star (essentially, your rough draft), you can play with the angles and adjust until you’re satisfied.

Pro tip: Remember to lift the tape slowly when moving sections and re-taping on the wall. When you’re happy with the design, go over all the tape and press down harder. Then make more wall stars, if you like. Enjoy!

–Jessica Vitkus
Image Credit: Jessica Vitkus

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