Curb Appeal: Outdoor Holiday Lighting

December 07, 2018

Curb Appeal: Outdoor Holiday Lighting

If you live in a neighborhood that goes OTT with festive lights, it’s time to get serious and up your decorating game. Here’s a roundup of all the different types of lights you can use to express your holiday spirit and make your home look more welcoming and brilliant!

String Lights

Once a classic, always a classic. These are the kinds of lights your grandfather used to staple to the roof after painstakingly climbing the ladder. Nowadays, string lights come in a staggering array of color and bulb sizes. Some have timers so you don’t have to think about turning them on or off. Others are solar powered for those who want to keep things green.

Laser and Projector Lights

If it sounds like too much work (or too hazardous) to put up string lights outside of your house, opt for a no-fuss solution. Laser or projector lights also lend a striking ambience to your overall outdoor celebration, and all you have to do is switch them on! Choose from many motifs, like Christmas trees, stars, or reindeers.

Lawn Decor

Why not go big with your holiday decorations? Create a winter wonderland on your lawn with everything from lit-up snowmen to nativity scenes and Santa’s sleigh.

Window Lights

Nothing beats the simplicity of having a single candle in every window of your home. It’s elegant and timeless.

Lantern Lights

Hosting a party this year? Create an inviting walkway by lining your sidewalk and porch with atmospheric lanterns. These no-flame styles also come in holiday-themed bags.

–Samantha Carrera

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