Help Desk: Holiday Cleaning Hacks

December 27, 2018

Help Desk: Holiday Cleaning Hacks

Here’s how to clean up tinsel, pine needles, candle wax, and more of that jolly good stuff after the holidays.

Now that the presents have been opened and the guests have left, it’s time—time to put everything festive away for another year. Holiday cleanup presents a unique set of challenges. First, there’s just so much of it, especially if you hosted. There’s also meal cleanup and wrapping paper cleanup. There’s moving furniture back to its rightful spot. Then there are those messes only the holiday season can create. When else might you be faced with a pile of tinsel on the floor?

You may be wondering where to begin. That’s what we’re here for! Here are some hacks to help you out.


For glitter on the floor or furniture, look no further than the humble lint roller. It’s simple.Use it like you would on your clothing—glide it over the stubborn glitter and just like that, it’s gone! Repeat as many times as necessary until your floors are clean!

Tinsel and Pine Needles

Tinsel and pine needles can be vacuumed up, but they’ll get caught in the filter and be difficult to remove. Our solution? Pantyhose! Cover the hose attachment of a vacuum cleaner with an old pair. Turn the vacuum on, and it will suck up the tinsel and pine needles. Remember to hold on tight to the pantyhose or else it’ll get sucked in, too!

Candle Wax

For candle wax that’s dry and stuck, use a spatula or credit card to remove the wax from the surface. Very gently scrape so you don’t nick anything. If this doesn’t do the trick, add some heat, using a hair dryer or boiling water.

Artificial Tree

One of the best things about an artificial tree is that you get to use it again next year. But before you store it, you’re going to want to brush it off.First, keep your tree skirt out. Then, turn your hair dryer on to the lowest setting, and point it at the branches you want to dust off. The debris will fall onto the tree skirt, and your tree will be ready for storage!

String Lights

String lights get tangled really easily, especially when they’re tossed into a storage box. First, detangle them and replace any burned out bulbs, so you don’t have to do it when you’re decorating next year! Then, wrap the lights around a poster tube or leftover wrapping paper roll. This ensures they’re ready when you are!

Do you have any holiday cleanup hacks we should know about? Let us know in the comments!

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