Help Desk: Dog-Proofing the Holidays

December 18, 2018

Help Desk: Dog-Proofing the Holidays

If you’re hosting the holidays this year, here’s everything you need to make sure your pet (and family members) are comfortable during this busy time.

We get it. Not every furry friend loves welcoming people into his lair. If your dog isn’t that into people (or conversely, if your people are not that into your dog due to allergies or phobias), consider creating a “safe space” for him when company comes over. Designate an entire room to your pup, and let him or her still be in on the action with a freestanding gate. Or, if you’re short on space, create a comfy little corner with a portable playpen. These models should do the trick:

If your pooch suffers from anxiety when there are a lot of people, noises, and activity around, try using a diffuser with calming essential oils. Some vets recommend chamomile, palm tree oil, jasmine, St. John’s Wort, and lavender (all of which help humans chill out, too):

Add special touches to their playpen or a separate room to help your pets pass the time. Make sure you include a favorite chew toy and blankie (and maybe even something that has your scent on it). To really go over the top, give your pup something brand-new to get excited about (hey, it’s the holidays—everyone gets a toy!). These interactive treat-dispensing toys will keep any dog occupied and distracted for a long time:

And finally, what’s a holiday without an adorable dog in a cheerful costume? Get Insta-worthy in no time with one of these festive little numbers. Say cheese, Fido!

Your dog is a big part of the family and can definitely hang during the holidays (with a little bit of preparation, of course). If you know you’re going to get bogged down with hostess duties, designate someone in your party to take the dog out for a walk or to play one-on-one every so often so your dog doesn’t get bored. Maybe that certain someone could also sneak some drool-worthy holiday human food from the table (wink, wink)!

–Samantha Carrera

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