How to Have the Perfect New Year’s Eve at Home

December 23, 2018

How to Have the Perfect New Year’s Eve at Home

Sometimes a night in is better than a night out.

New Year’s Eve is approaching. Maybe you’ve got plans, maybe you don’t. Or maybe you just aren’t ready to commit yet. If you fall into the third category, might we recommend an evening in? You won’t have to deal with waiting in line anywhere. You can keep it casual, comfortable, and you won’t have any less fun. No matter who you’re with, there are plenty of great ways to ring in 2019—all in the comfort of your own home.

For Couples

If you and your sig o are celebrating with a night in, go big! Make a fancy dinner, starting with cocktail hour and topping it off with decadent desserts. You probably don’t get many nights during the year when you have time to go all out for a dinner at home. Set the table–like, really set it. Make a great playlist. Try that new recipe you’ve been eyeing. And don’t forget the champagne toast at midnight!

For something more low-key, try a spa night: Cozy up in robes, diffuse some essential oils, put on face masks, and relax with a foot bath. You’ll go into the new year feeling calm and rested, plus it’s super romantic!

For Friends

If you’re having friends over, game night is a great thing to do and gets everyone going. We’re huge fans of What Do You Meme? It’s the perfect adult party game, and, as the name suggests, memes are involved.

If you spend most of your nights with friends drinking Diet Coke with some sort of anonymous liquor out of a Solo® cup, another option is mixology night. Find the recipes for your favorite drinks, buy the ingredients (even the ones you have to muddle), and play bartender. You’ll enjoy taste-testing everyone’s concoctions.

At the end of the night, give away party favors if you’re so inclined. It could be something you baked that guests can enjoy for breakfast or something special to commemorate the evening. It’s a nice touch everyone will appreciate.

For Family

Everyone loves movie night! Cozy up, make some popcorn, and top it with some sriracha salt, truffle salt, or rosemary-garlic seasoning to make it extra special.

If you’ve got kids who want to get in on the fun but can’t stay up until midnight, do a mock version earlier in the evening. Pour some sparkling cider and toast to the New Year. If you’re not afraid of the cleanup, throw confetti into the mix!

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