Little Life-Changer: Air Fryer

December 30, 2018

Little Life-Changer: Air Fryer

There’s now a healthier way to enjoy your favorite fried foods.

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that frying food makes it better. Potatoes? Check. Chicken? Check. Brussels sprouts? Check. Oreos? Check. (We didn’t realize Oreos could taste even better, but then we tried fried ones, and there you go.) Obviously, fried foods fall into the category of “things you can eat sometimes but probably shouldn’t go overboard with because health and stuff.”

If you love fried food but are trying to focus on healthier eating (isn’t that all of us?), there’s a guilt-free option: an air fryer. With just a few spoonfuls of oil, you can crisp up your favorite foods for parties, game day, and really, every day. The air fryer circulates hot air around the food (similar to a convection oven) and coats the food in a thin layer of oil, allowing you to achieve that crispy, crunchy effect that makes fried food so good.

Some of our favorite things to air fry:
French Fries
Shishito Peppers
Mozzarella Sticks
Chicken Fingers
Frickles (Fried Pickles)

It’s not just healthier—it’s a lot easier to use, and safer, too. We’ve all heard horror stories about deep-frying gone wrong: You’ve got a bubbling vat of hot oil, with different foods going in and out of that sizzling vat. There’s potential for gruesome splatters and burns.

Cleanup is also a cinch. With removable parts and a wipe-clean exterior, you’re looking at a way easier job than a regular deep fryer.

Do you have an air fryer? What are your favorite recipes?

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