Staff Picks: Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

December 16, 2018

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

Bed Bath & Beyond staffers share what they’re looking forward to this holiday season.

The most wonderful time of the year is here! We, at Bed Bath & Beyond, can’t get enough of the holidays. It’s a time for lots of foods, gifts, and most importantly, time with family and friends. Every family is different and has its own traditions, and this year, we’re sharing ours. Here are some of our staffers’ favorite holiday rituals.

“Each year, we buy our kids a new ornament that highlights something they love (like llamas and unicorns last year). We make sure we write the year on it so we can look back and remember all of the fun phases of their childhood when we decorate the tree as a family.” –Taryn, Editorial Director, buybuy BABY

“For the holidays, I make my grandmother’s fruitcake and give it as a gift, wrapped in a kitchen towel. Another DIY gift idea: forcing plant bulbs into unique containers and giving them to teachers and friends!” —Ethan, Vice President of Brand Creative

“Each year we surprise the youngsters with a new personalized keepsake ornament for the Christmas tree. Watching their faces light up makes this one of my family’s favorite holiday traditions.” —Jill, Managing Editor

“Sleeping off those heavy holiday meals with my buckwheat pillow. Ever since I got mine a few years ago, I’ve become a total convert.” —Caleb, Designer

“We travel to see my husband’s family in Spain every Christmas, and my favorite part is the uh, pooping log of Catalonia. His name is Caga Tío, and he’s a little log with googly eyes, a jaunty red hat, stick legs, and a mysterious blanket over his backside. The Catalan children begin “feeding” him candy in early December, to make him grow so that he can release some potent gifts on Christmas. The merciless tykes gather round the log, sing an ode to get him to “go” while beating him with sticks, then they leave the room. Their parents then scurry to stuff gifts and candy under the blanket. When the kids come back, they tackle poor Caga, Wrestle Mania-style, and lift his blanket to fight over his laxative wares. It’s great fun to witness and reminds me, we Americans need to really lighten up during the holidays!” —Kristy, Editorial Content Manager

“Every year on December 21, we commemorate the winter solstice and the longest night of the year with an electricity-free evening and a candlelit dinner. We keep one of the candles burning all night, kind of like a modern version of a Yule log.” —Katia, Print Designer, buybuy BABY

“My family does a ‘quirky sock‘ gift exchange. You never know what you’re going to get! Sometimes you end up with a cute animal or a food-themed pair, and other times you get pranked with an ugly, unexpected pattern or color. Last year I lucked out with pink sloth socks!” —Holly, Copywriter

“Feasting has been my family’s way of celebrating the holidays. My aunts and uncles are amazing cooks, and every year on the 24th, we have a meal that includes at least 10 different Vietnamese dishes, all made with love.” —Tran, Copywriter

“Growing up, everyone in my family had special themed ornaments to decorate the tree with: I put up Star Wars, my brother handled sports, my dad did personalized keepsakes, and my mom had religious decor. Now, my parents save a few for my niece and nephew when they visit.” —Anthony, Copywriter

One of my first Christmases away from home involved a “statement tree,” which, because I was in my twenties, had to be ironic. I learned something that I will never forget: if you want to hang more than 25 pine-tree car air fresheners on a Christmas tree in a small New York City living room, it’s a good idea to air them out first. For at least a month.” —Anne, Senior Copywriter


What are your favorite holiday traditions? Let us know in the comments!

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