Storage Solution: Our Favorite Products for Putting Away Holiday Decor

December 26, 2018

Storage Solution: Our Favorite Products for Putting Away Holiday Decor

There are two types of people in the world: Those who put away holiday decor the day after Christmas or New Year’s, and those who still have wreaths and string lights in the living room well into February. Whichever category you fall into, putting decorations away is a difficult, time-consuming task that everyone has to do at some point.

We can make it easier for you! With our must-haves for holiday organization, you’ll be able to put everything away and when it comes time to decorate next year, you’ll find yourself less likely to procrastinate.

Keep Ornaments Organized

If your current ornament storage situation involves tossing everything into a box and hoping for the best, you need one of these bags. You’ll be able to safely stow your precious ornaments (up to 72!) in lightweight trays. There’s also room for ornament hooks. The large front pocket works great for a tree skirt! When it comes time to decorate next year, open the bag. Lo and behold, your ornaments will be intact, sorted the way you left them, and ready for hanging.

That’s a Wrap on Wrapping Paper

Holiday wrapping paper is a lot of fun, but there always seems to be a lot of it left over. Once the season is over, use this bag to store your paper and keep it from fading and getting dusty. Best of all, it has a ribbon dispenser that holds four spools of ribbon. It’ll keep your ribbon detangled and easily accessible for when you need it.

Put Away Wreaths and Trees with Ease

For artificial trees and wreaths, a proper, dedicated storage bag is really useful. The zipper closures on these will keep dust and insects away, and the handles make it easy to carry. And, come next year, no one has to ask “Does anyone remember where we put the wreath last year?”

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