How to Clear Your Cord Clutter

January 22, 2019

How to Clear Your Cord Clutter

Don’t let cords crowd your space!

There’s no denying electronics play a crucial role in our everyday lives. But as we accumulate more gadgets, we also inherit an unwieldy cluster of cords and wires. Here’s how you can keep those pesky cords organized and out of sight, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go.

Cord Management

With an abundance of cords comes an abundance of surge protectors, which can contribute to even more clutter. Enter silicone spiral ribbons and cable clips! The ribbons work like twist ties to keep cords that feed into the same outlet from tangling, while the clips stick to your desk to secure loose phone and tablet chargers. For a more permanent solution, you may want to invest in a cable director to assemble tangled wires into a single tube that plugs into a wall or adapter.

    Charging Stations

    Stock up on home accents with built-in outlets and charging stations to cut down on unsightly cords. We love a stylish table lamp with a discreet USB plug to charge electronics as it illuminates a workspace or side table. Clear bedside surfaces by installing a charging tray to your bed frame. It keeps the nightstand free and your devices charging within close reach. If you need to charge multiple electronics at once, load them into a freestanding charging shelf.

      On the Go

      Storing and transporting electronics can get tricky when you’re on the move. To prevent damage and cords from tangling en route, load electronics into a padded case with mesh pockets. If you’re on a long flight or road trip, it’s also smart to pack a battery-powered charger in case an outlet isn’t available. To kill two birds with one stone, bring along a tech-savvy wristlet or purse with a zippered pouch and built-in lithium charger!

        Go Cordless

        Want to know the real secret to tackling cord mess? Eliminate cords and wires all together! There are plenty of devices—headphones, wireless headphones and charging pads, portable speakers—that use Bluetooth technology in lieu of cords.

          –Holly Stephens

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