Here’s Why Everyone Loves Sheet Pans

February 01, 2019

Here’s Why Everyone Loves Sheet Pans

If you have Instagram or have picked up a magazine lately, you’ve probably heard at least something about sheet pans. Trays filled with colorful veggies and gorgeously roasted protein, all cooked together in harmony, in one pan—in less time than it takes to watch an episode of This is Us.

We’re here to tell you to believe the hype. Sheet pans really are all that and more. They make weeknight dinners simple, are easy to clean, cook your food well, and if you treat them right, they’ll last for years. If you don’t already have a sheet pan (or several), it’s time to change that. Here’s why we can’t stop using them.

They’re Wallet Friendly

Sheet pans can range from high to low end, but for the most part, they’re super affordable. Because of their versatility and longevity, you’ll end up getting your money’s worth.

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They’re Easy to Use

Cooking with a baking sheet is easy: Turn on the oven, put your food on top of it, add a bit of oil, place the sheet in the oven, and wait. Maybe you’ll want to turn your food over or shake your veggies a few times, but that’s it.

Then there are the one-pan dinners (or lunches, breakfasts, midnight snacks). One-pan meals are done quickly and with very little work. Preheat the oven, add your favorite protein and vegetables, and cook till it’s done! Mix and match or change up your seasonings, and you’ll have a rotating menu that’s never boring.

And Easy to Clean

Even if you cook everything right on the sheet pan, there’s not a lot to clean up since everything gets cooked at once in the same place (instead of in several pots). There’s a way to make cleaning up even easier—line your baking sheet with parchment paper, and toss it when you’re done cooking. Cleanup is a snap!

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They’re Super Versatile

You get the gist by now that there’s a lot you can do with the humble sheet pan. Toss some vegetables on one to give them a good roast, use it to bake fish, and of course, it’s great for all things dessert. You can also flip your sheet pan over to use it as a pizza peel or make a large frittata to portion out for a week’s worth of breakfasts.

One Word: Crispy

Sheet pans have much more surface area than your standard pot or pan, so ingredients really crisp up. And everyone knows that crispier = better.

Do you have a favorite sheet pan recipe? What’s your go-to? Let us know in the comments!

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