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10 Pretty Products For Your Kitchen

September 12, 2017

You want your food to be aesthetically pleasing…and the tools you use to prepare it. The prettier they are, the more you’ll be inspired to cook (and eat!). These kitchen products are eye candy you can actually use. 1. Toaster The clean lines and contemporary accents of Mid-century modern design have made their way to…

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Thanksgiving Splurges You Won’t Regret

November 07, 2016

You may not have the budget to splurge on anything and everything, but you do want to celebrate the bountiful Thanksgiving season. These indulgences are downright worth the money: A Local, Organic Turkey Liz Mullen, co-chef of Minneapolis-based Chowgirls Killer Catering, is convinced that a free-range turkey—raised on a local farm without antibiotics and hormones—is…

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Secrets From Food Critics To Make Your Meal Amazing

November 03, 2016

Thanksgiving is the one day you really want to create a culinary masterpiece (no pressure!).  The likelihood of your meal reaching star status goes way up when you keep a few key factors in mind. Two food critics—James Beard Award-winning food writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl and Minnesota-based Chef Camp co-owner James Norton—share a few tricks…

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pet & halloween

Keep Your Pet From Freaking Out This Halloween

October 14, 2016

The repeatedly ringing doorbells, copious caches of candies, and masked trick-or-treaters that come with Halloween can make even well-behaved pets act out. But there’s a lot you can do to reduce the fright factor. These tricks will help keep your dog or cat from jumping out its fur: Decorate With Restraint Jack-o’-lanterns here, fake spider…

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a in real life gathering

How to Host a Real-Life Gathering for Online Friends

September 23, 2016

You’re close with people in your Facebook group. You’ve traded cooking techniques; offered congratulations for weddings, babies, and anniversaries; and commiserated about personal struggles. But you haven’t met IRL—in real life—yet. Hosting an IRL gathering for your online friends can actually strengthen your sense of community. It’s an opportunity to authenticate your bond. Here’s how…

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bird feeder

These Are the Cutest Bird Feeders Ever!  

September 21, 2016

With their colorful antics and melodious songs, birds keep people entertained. So why not encourage them to hang around? A bird feeder makes for a compelling invite. Take a gander at our favorites: Nordic Pine No trees? No problem! This stately, glazed pine bird feeder stands tall and offers plenty of perches. Weatherproof and classically…

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