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7 Things That Save My Camping Trips

August 19, 2016

Every summer, my husband and I pack our car, drive to a campsite, pitch our tent, and await nature-laden bliss. Instead of finding bliss, we’ve had our share of mishaps: one time, the “Most Anticipated Breakfast Ever” slid off our camp stove into the dirt; another time, an unexpected barrage of storms flattened our tent…

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How to Pair Wine with Summer Cookout Foods

July 15, 2016

Beer often plays nicely with nearly anything that comes off the grill. Wine, on the other hand, always seemed a bit more complicated to serve at a summer cookout. However, after talking to certified sommelier, Leslee Miller, owner of the wine consulting firm Amusée, I’m having second thoughts. And you might, too! Her tips make it…

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Don’t Let Bugs Ruin Another Outdoor Party

July 11, 2016

It happens time and time again: A whine echoes in your ear. You begin swatting at the air. Soon enough, you feel an itchy, swollen bump on your arm or ankle. Biting, stinging bugs are the ultimate summer buzzkill, enough to make you shift your outdoor dinner party inside. Don’t let the insects win! Here’s…

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pool float

Don’t Need But Want: Pool Floats

June 13, 2016

I’ve spent a respectable amount of time atop a pool float. I grew up in Florida and, well, that’s what you do when it’s 94 degrees with 84 percent humidity outside. But now I live in Minnesota. It’s the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but it can also be the land of six-month winters. My floating…

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