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Bathroom Storage Ideas

October 13, 2016

Bathroom storage: For you the phrase is an oxymoron. A bevy of cabinets and a nifty vanity? No way.  In your bathroom, towels end up competing for precious space with cleaning supplies and general toiletries, creating a room that’s the antithesis of relaxation. But your commode is no lost cause. Even if you’re not blessed…

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Laura Ashley® Preston 84-Inch Sheer Embroidered Window Panels

Don’t Need But Want: Window Dressings

May 01, 2015

A change of season always gets me yearning to switch up my home decor. And while my house definitely doesn’t need a redo, I’m still dreaming about tiny changes that could make each space feel different. Case in point: window dressings. They’re an easy way to alter the mood of a room. Here are a few…

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Wish List: Bakeware

November 23, 2014 1

Full confession: I have desserts on the brain. But in Los Angeles it’s easier to find a wheatgrass-kale-mulberry smoothie than it is to find a brownie. So I’ve been perusing bakeware while daydreaming about cinnamon buns, chocolate cake, and pecan bars. Here are a few pieces I plan on adding to my artillery. Bake and…

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dog welcome at door

Helping Your Pet Be a Good Host

November 18, 2014 21

This holiday season you’re not the only family member playing host–your new pup will be sharing the duties. And while he’s well-behaved around you, he gets a major case of the barks when strangers are involved. Using items like a bark control or a thunder shirt can help calm your pooch once holiday madness is…

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1 top 10 turkey tools bbb1

Top 10 Turkey Tools

October 29, 2014

Do you have what it takes to make that great turkey happen? Fear not: With this list of must-have turkey tools, basics, and cooking extras, your dinner won’t stand a chance of running “a-fowl.” The Basics 1. Roaster. The smartest purchase you’ll make this season? A high-quality roaster. Save time on cleanup with a hard-anodized nonstick…

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