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spa bathroom

Organize Your Bathroom for Spa-Like Tranquility

August 28, 2016

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a spa? Peaceful music, a faint whiff of lavender, dimmed lighting, florescent bulbs replaced with glowing candles. The feeling that, for at least the next hour, your ringer will be turned off. Work can’t reach you, kids can’t find you, and significant others can’t ask anything…

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New Trends in Pillow Décor

April 07, 2016

Craving a change in your living room but don’t want the commitment or headache of a full redecorating overhaul? Throw-pillows are the easiest way to create a big impact without spending a fortune or doing anything drastic. But before you buy, give some thought to your existing décor and what you’d like to accomplish. Do…

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small touches

Quick & Easy Holiday Decor Touches

December 16, 2015 1

When it comes to holiday decorating, some people feel the need to channel Clark Griswold by lighting up their lawns and houses or having the biggest, most lavishly decorated tree. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to add a little festive cheer to your home in more subtle and unexpected ways that don’t just make the front…

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holiday style tips

Style Tips and Tricks for the Holidays

December 04, 2015

It’s party time! The holidays are approaching fast and your schedule is probably full of soirees and festivities. Whether you’re just planning on attending the office party or you’ve got a party every night from here until New Year’s, you’re going to need some quick and easy style tips and tricks to help you make…

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cool gifts

10 Cool and Unexpected Gifts We Sell

November 23, 2015 2

I’ve been to so many birthday parties, housewarming parties, start-of-school-year soirees, and engagement parties lately that I feel like I spend half my days running around looking for ideal gifts. I love to give my friends, colleagues, and family members thoughtful gifts as much as anyone, but doing so can sure be time-consuming. For everyone…

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5 Tips for Cleaning Your Fan

October 01, 2015 1

Every year when I put away my oscillating tabletop or freestanding fan, I am disgusted by how icky the blades have become. Not only is there an accumulation of dust, but there’s grime sticking to the blades and outer cage that probably comes from a combination of humidity, cooking, and too much sunscreen sprayed in…

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