7 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

December 12, 2012

7 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sure, you've got some red-and-green wrapping paper left from last season, and a couple of gift bags you can recycle. But this year, you really want to do something different with the gift wrapping. We've rounded up seven totally unique gift wrapping ideas for you to try. With these ideas, the outside of your gifts can be as exciting as what's inside them!


  Furoshiki is a Japanese gift wrapping technique using fabric instead of paper. It's a greener choice -- the fabric can be used again and again -- and it's also versatile and beautiful. Check out this video on using Furoshiki techniques on a variety of different shapes and sizes of gifts, including books, bottles, and other odd-shaped items.

Washcloth Reindeer


Unique gift wrapping ideas - felt reindeer Source & Tutorial: Bumble Bee's Craft Den

This seriously adorable reindeer is made from a washcloth (or a "flannel" as they say in the UK). It would make a charming wrap for a gift of luxurious scented soap. Throw in a gift card for more bath treats and you'll have a really pampered Rudolph!

LEGO® Inspired Gift Bag


Unique gift wrapping ideas - LEGO(r) Gift Bags 

Source & Tutorial: Crunchy Catholic Mama blog

These LEGO®-style gift bags are easy to make and look great as a group. They're kid-friendly, but would be fun for a nostalgic adult, too.

Felt Gift Envelopes


Unique gift wrapping ideas - Felt Gift Bags

Source & Tutorial: Martha Stewart

Here's another idea for using fabric for giftwrap. It only takes minimal sewing skills to make these envelopes, which, when tied with lavish ribbon, make a really elegant (and reusable) wrap for smaller gifts. (Question: Wouldn't you love getting those pencils as a gift?)

 Typographic Gift Wrap


Unique gift wrapping ideas - Typographic Gift Wrap

Source & Tutorial: Man Made

Inexpensive kraft paper is made elegant and sophisticated with letters crafted from old book pages. No worries about the tag falling off, either!

New Twist on Newsprint

  Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas - Newspaper Wrap

Source & Tutorial: Country Living

Wrapping gifts in newspaper isn't new, but this take, with a custom bow featuring crisp curls, makes it fresh.

Personalized Tags

  Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas - Photo Tags

Source & Tutorial: Sweet Paul blog

Sometimes all you need to make a gift stand out is a fabulous tag. These photo tags are charming and nostalgic -- perfect for the holidays. Wrapping gifts in a special way shows you care — and we all know it's the thought that counts! Amy Laskin Do you have a unique way of wrapping presents? Tell us about it in the space below.

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