Asparagus 101

April 26, 2016 2

Asparagus 101

Spring brings flowers, new leaves on the trees and one of my favorite vegetables: ‘Asparagus Officinalis’, or more simply put, asparagus.  But if you find yourself cooking them the same way all the time, this is for you.  Because the options are many…and they’re all delicious.

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  1. Hi, Linda! Thanks for your comment. To answer your question, asparagus grows best when it has at least 8 hours of access of full sun exposure. So, you can can plant them in shade, as long as they have some exposure to sunlight. Thanks again, and best of luck!

    - Chee Gates
  2. I have my asparagus planed in some shade. Should they be in full sun? Our daughter’s made large Spears the 1st year. Ours are 4 years old and are spinedly. Any advice?

    - Linda Stairs

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