Bathroom Decor: Luxe for Less

March 29, 2013 2

Bathroom Decor: Luxe for Less

Long consigned to the realm of decor afterthought, the bathroom is design's new crown jewel. Innovative architectural touches and opulent extras are having their moment in the spotlight. Yes, a bathroom reno is expensive, but don't discount one just because you have a limited budget. With a little creativity, it's totally possible to take your space from functional to fabulous without breaking the bank. Not sure where to start? We give you the dish on how to use today's hottest bathroom decor trends to transform your loo into a luxe oasis for less. Metals One of the most popular trends is to add a bit of glitz to your bathroom. Silver, gold and copper are in! Normally reserved for fixtures only, metals are now being featured as a go-to for a variety of anchor pieces like the sink, the mirror and even the tub. Metal Bathtub Source: Apartment Therapy It's a trend that can quickly go garish, but you can add metallic pizazz through accents that feature metallic colors or an element of shine. Metal accessories like this Tribeca Metal Bath Ensemble by Kenneth Cole Reaction Home are luxe without overwhelming... The Kenneth Cole Reaction Home Frost Shower Curtain has a subtle metallic sheen to the embroidered threads. Kenneth Cole Reaction Home Frost Shower Curtain Marble Since the Romans, marble has been a staple of high-end commodes. These days though, designers are getting creative with how they incorporate this rich element. Not only are they installing marble floors and countertops, they’re featuring solid marble tubs and even textured marble walls, like the ones pictured below. Marble Bath Photo: Architectural Digest You can get a similar effect without the palace-level budget by incorporating marble touches. Think textured bath mats, marbleized shower curtain rings and even hand towels with swirling marble-like prints. Or achieve this cool, clean vibe with accessories like Kenneth Cole Reaction Home’s Marble Bath Ensemble. Kenneth Cole Marble Bath Ensemble Wood Who says your bathroom has to feel industrial and modern? Those who love their decor a little more rustic may want to incorporate touches of wood. You can do up your bathroom like an alpine retreat (spa day anyone?), by adding major wooden elements like this rough-hewn counter. WOOD-counter Photo: Better Homes and Gardens But you don't have to do construction to add a woodsy feeling to your decor. We adore this wood grain shower curtain. It's a clever way to give your bathroom a touch of nature without sacrificing any actual trees. Kenneth Cole Reaction Home Woodgrain Citron Shower Curtain Kenneth Cole Reaction Home Woodgrain Citron Shower Curtain Animal Print No we're not talking wild jungle motifs, but subtle incorporations of python, zebra and cheetah prints. This breathtaking bathroom has a touch of the wild thanks to a set of cheetah printed arm chairs. marble-room Photo: Architectural Digest You may not have room for a whole sitting area (if you do--lucky!), so use this trend in a less over-the-top fashion. Try decking out your bathroom with animal print curtains, a bath mat or even a shower curtain like this Kenneth Cole Reaction Home Python printed option. Kenneth Cole Reaction Home Python Shower Curtain Which bathroom trend is your favorite? Tell us how you incorporated it into your decor in the space below! Megan Mostyn-Brown

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