My Courtship with Frette at Home

October 18, 2016

My Courtship with Frette at Home

When celebrities and dignitaries turn in for the night, it’s likely they’re slipping into beds dressed by Frette. The Italian luxury bed and bath linen brand boasts a client list the likes of Claridge’s, St. Peter’s Basilica, and more than 500 European royal dynasties. For those of us without a Duchess in front of our name, there’s Frette At Home—an elite yet accessible collection inspired by the brand’s signature textures and tones.  I—a non-royal from Minneapolis—had the opportunity to bring it into my humble bedroom (yes, I love my job).

Lady Meets Luxury

My Frette at Home Arno Collection bedding—which included a duvet cover, a sheet set, and standard- and Euro-sized shams—arrived on a gloriously sunny Friday afternoon. Carefully prying open the box (these are fine linens, after all), I immediately understood the aesthetic appeal.  Elegant and stunning in its simplicity, the crisp white and rich stone-colored sateen popped while still remaining subtle. I could easily imagine this tasteful set-up in a hotel penthouse in Dubai. The texture gleamed, begging to be touched.

I draped one of the shams across my arm. Weighty and unbelievably silky, the crisp, cotton sateen fell against my skin, like a couture dress. I could’ve fallen asleep right then and there. Per the care instructions, I loaded the linens into the washer and anxiously waited to get into bed. And when I did, a lot changed in one short week.

The First Night

I ironed the sheets—another suggested care tip—so my husband and I could get the full-fledged, high-end experience. It worked. The bedroom transformed into a relaxing, dare I say, elegant oasis. I didn’t expect for the bedding alone to enhance the look and feel of my room. The next makeover moment happened as I climbed into what felt like a brand new bed. The sheets didn’t bunch or snag—they felt smooth against my skin. It was as if I was lying on a cloud. “Is this really our bed?” I asked my husband. Before he could answer, I was out cold.




Getting Personal

Even a night owl, like me, couldn’t resist sumptuous sheets. Bedtime became much more appealing than Netflix and Kindle. My greatest discovery: Getting to bed earlier made me wake up happier. And because I was well-rested and in a better mood, I didn’t just reach for any clean, random t-shirt and jeans. I had the energy and desire to assemble coordinated outfits and accessories. Not to mention that every time I stepped into my room, with its gorgeously draped centerpiece, I felt renewed. Perhaps I was inspired by the novelty of something new, but I hope it doesn’t wear off.

Sealing the Deal

Before finding Frette at Home, my Labrador retriever, Hobie, usually snoozed at the foot of the bed and wiped his drool-covered muzzle on the sheets (gross, I know). That had to change—I couldn’t have dog slobber on my beautiful duvet.  So, I set clear boundaries. Hobie has been relegated to his very comfortable memory-foam bed that he never wants to leave. Finally, my bed became a human-only zone. Everybody won.

Once I got a taste of how great sleep could be, I was hooked. I broke up with my old sheets and tucked them away in the back of my linen closet. Will I miss them? Probably not.

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